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Traditional bamboo steamer pot with 2 baskets


Traditional hand made bamboo steamer pot with 2 baskets. Fit our 35 cm wok

– get healthy! Use this 100% natural steamer for vegetables or fishes!

– 100% bamboo, 100% handmade

– invented 5000 years ago – unbelievable efficiency and history

– ideal for steaming vegetables, fish, beef, chicken, rice, snacks, dumplings

– two shelves inside – two steaming at once!

– easy to use, put simply on the top of any wok, pan or stockpots

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Traditional bamboo steamer pot with 2 baskets

Have you ever impressed by a tool of humankind? The bamboo steamer was invented 5.000 (five thousand!!!) years ago in the ancient China of Han dynasty. No wonder, it is still in usage (not only because of traditionalist) – the bamboo steamer gives you an efficient way of cooking or steaming!

Put simply on the top of a pan or wok with water and place your food on the shelf. Make sure, that the steamer does not touch the pot, otherwise it can burn. Also make sure there is always water in the pot.

The bamboo tight lid captures the steam and your meal inside is cooked quickly and efficiently while the invaluable nutrients cannot escape to the air, stay within the steamer and so in your meal.

Our bamboo steamer is made 100% of bamboo and 100% by hand. It is a perfect companion of our 35cm wok. Needless to say, using a bamboo steamer is a good start to eat healthy meals. Simply steam or cook your vegetables or fish inside! Steaming is a gentle way of cooking, that is why you can minimize the loss of valuable nutrients.

How to use?

Before first use rinse the lid and the baskets with cold water.

You find 2 baskets inside, which are stackable, so you can steam multiple food at once! To get the best result, place a baking paper or one of the washers that comes with the pot, or lettuce leaves under the food you put in. If you do the steaming on both levels, always put those food on the bottom, which needs more time. Simply as that!

How to clean?

After each use, if necessary, wash the steamer with hot water and a brush. Really, only if necessary.


- size of a basket: 20 x 20 x 6cm

- 100% bamboo

- 100% handmade

- package contents: 2 basket + 1 lid + 2 pcs washer

- due to its production, 1-3 mm error in size is normal

- colour of the photos may be different to the product due to differences in monitor colours.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5.2 cm