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Hand hammered super seasoned (ready-to-use) flat bottom wok 35cm


Hand hammered, pre-seasoned, flat bottom wok, 35 cm

  • ready to use, you do not need any preparation, we did it for you!
  • enjoy the delicious Asian cousin in your kitchen – create the magical atmosphere of the streets of Shanghai
  • harness the authentic wok hei – unique flavours and aromas can be created only in wok
  • for your family or friends – traditional size of 35cm
  • note: this wok has flat bottom, which fits for electric and induction stoves (or gas stove)
  • perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones!
  • authentically hand hammered – this was made by a craftsman in Guandong for you!
  • traditional design and style
  • made of 100% toxic free materials
  • premium eucalyptus handle
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Hand hammered, pre-seasoned carbon steel flat bottom wok 35cm

Make your own healthy and delicious meals at home! This wok is the one-pot wonder of Asian cooking. You can stir-fry, deep-fry, sauté, steam and braise easily using your Mammafong® wok.

Just right out from Guandong, a master craftsman hammered this wok for you. Stop for a moment, and think of it, human to human, with care, precision, and kindness. This is something we miss from this world. This is the spirituality Mamma Fong!

Let’s get to know this wok!

This is for you when…

You do not want to do the first seasoning: this is a ready to use option!

You feed the family: this model is 35 cm wide, which is a perfect size for up to 6 persons. It has a flat bottom for modern kitchen, fits for electrical or induction stoves (and of course gas stoves as well)! However hardcore wok lovers swear the uniqueness of flavours of round bottomed woks – we are sure that wok is for everyone – even those poor fellows, who owns electric or induction stove (like us).

You look for the ultimate gift for a cook: for the chef who swears by carbon steel wok; for the home cook who’s discovered the allure of carbon steel wok; for the guy with a penchant for cooking; for the mom who appreciates a quality wok – give them all the gift of a carbon steel Mammafong® wok.

Preseasoned, ready to use

As you probably know, the non-stickness of woks is made by so called seasoning – which is a simple process of baking a proper oil to the surface. This special surface eliminates stickiness, moreover, creates the wok hei, the patina of your wok, which is built a unique flavour from use to use.

SUPER-SEASONED – Unlike other pre-seasoned woks on the market that are chemically sprayed, our Mammafong® wok is sealed with a blend of natural oils at intense heat. This creates a superb and slippery non-stick surface, allowing you to create delicious stir-fries and more.

DOUBLE BAKING PROCESS – Our woks are twice baked in an industrial oven. Allowing the oil to penetrate deeply into the pores of the carbon steel. This unique process creates a strong, durable non-stick coating that would take many months of at home use to achieve.Double Baking Process

Our pre-seasoned woks come with a blue-grey natural protective coating to prevent corrosion. By applying an intense heat with a natural oil treatment during the manufacturing process, our pre-seasoned woks come non-stick and ready to use. Get cooking and build up layers of flavour on the surface. Our wok is made from carbon steel and is reactive, so it won’t stay blue – it will darken and develop its patina. With proper seasoning, your wok will improve with age and use, developing a beautiful, black, non-stick patina adding authentic flavour to your cooking.

a chef is using Mammafong® Wok in a commercial kitchen

Flat base

Flat base sits securely on any stovetop. Suitable for gas, electric and induction cooking. Based on our personal experience, it can be heated up very fast on gas or induction stoves, it takes a little bit longer on electric (depending - of course - on your device's parameters).

Mammafong® Flat Bottom Pre-Seasoned Wok

Traditional, natural materials

Some important notes form the materials! Our carbon steel wok sits nicely between stainless steel and cast iron. It is as light as stainless steel and as non-stick as cast iron. Made of heavy 16-gauge (1.2mm) carbon steel that is lightweight for easy lifting while you cook. Traditional carbon steel construction disperses heat evenly and quickly for optimum cooking performance. It ensures fast heats up and heat retention.

The handle is made of 100% natural eucalyptus, which not only durable and ergonomic but looks nice too.

With proper care and maintenance, your Mammafong wok can give you a lifetime of delicious meals!

100% healthy cookware

Hand hammered, traditional, flat-bottomed shape, made of only 100% non-toxic materials. This is super important, as you can be absolutely sure, that your meal is not contain any material from the pot, or surface, or coating. Why is that? Teflon or other pans with coating are super non-stick, but sooner or later get scratches and the little damaged coating pieces goes into your food. The healthy alternative to non-stick cookware is the seasoned carbon steel wok. It is 100% non-toxic: free from PFOA, PTFE, PFOS and Lead.

Compare Mammafong® Carbon Steel wok to other non-stick wok


Before first use

No special preparation is needed. After a quick wash, start cooking!


The best way of cleaning is actually pretty simple. Use only water and a soft sponge, or a bamboo brush which is even better. Remove every dirt, then wipe out with a paper towel or cloth. When it is dry pour in a little peanut oil and wipe evenly to the surface!

Do not use detergents, or if you do, make sure that remove all of them with water and wipe it dry properly!

Additional information

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