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Starter Kit: Pre-seasoned 35cm round bottom wok with spatula & bamboo brush


This wok set includes a pre-seasoned 14” carbon steel round bottom wok, premium pre-seasoned wok spatula & bamboo brush to get you started on your journey to wok hei.

Natural eucalyptus handle can be tightened or removed by simply twisting the metal hook on the handle, allowing you to season the wok in an oven

Authentically hammered – 100% hand hammered pow wok.

14 Gauge (1.5mm) Premium carbon steel ensures fast heat up and superior heat distribution over the entire cooking surface.

Traditional Hand Forged Spatula – Hand made from high-purity 2.1mm thick wrought iron, our pre-seasoned spatula comes with a blue-grey natural protective coating to prevent rust and corrosion. You can keep this item for many years to come.

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Complete wok set for the perfect beginning

The starter set contains a hand hammered, pre seasoned carbon steel 35cm round bottomed wok, pre-seasoned premium wok spatula and natural bamboo brush for cleaning - essentially everything you need to stir-fry, steam, or deep-fry and cleaning right away. The perfect gift idea or simply stock up the kitchen with all your wok cooking needs.

The carbon steel wok

The wok is incredibly durable and delivers a fast, high heat with even distribution for delicious sears and stir-fry. The 35cm size is perfect for family meals.

The Mammafong round bottom wok was made of premium and heavy 14 gauge (1.5mm) thick carbon steel. The natural eucalyptus handle can be tightened or removed by simply twisting the metal hook on the handle, allowing you to season the wok in an oven.

The more you cook, the better your wok performs. Your Mammafong wok arrives with a foundational seasoning of 100% vegetable oil (free from synthetic coatings and chemicals). The wok will become naturally non-stick with use and allows you to use less oil while cooking. As you build up your own seasoning, you write your own culinary story into your wok with every dish.

Hand-forged shovel, wok spatula

The pre-seasoned spatula is out-of-the-box nonstick (preseasoned) and ready to use. It is made from carbon steel (low carbon iron) and therefore reactive, so it won’t stay blue - it will darken as you cook. With continue use, your spatula will improve with age & use, developing a beautiful, black, non-stick patina and add authentic flavour to your cooking.

Perfect to use for cooking a variety of foods in your wok, this spatula allows you to effortlessly toss and steer the the ingredients. Its 1-piece construction ensures superior strength and reliability as you cook large batches of foods, and also ensures long-lasting use. With proper care and maintenance, the Mammafong wok shovel can give you a lifetime of delicious meals to follow!

Traditional bamboo brush for wok cleaning

The bamboo wok brush is a traditional tool for cleaning your wok. It is very easy to use and makes the cleaning job quick. The best if you clean your wok just right after cooking. Pour water into your wok and use the brush in a swirling motion. Start from the upper part and move to the bottom. Pour the dirty water out and do a second turn.

Bamboo cleans efficiently and can withstand high temperatures. It won’t melt like plastic or even sponges when cleaning a hot wok. It’s also much easier to clean a wok when it’s hot, so the bamboo brush makes cleanup fast and efficient. Even the length matterst. When cleaning a hot wok, you probably don’t want your hands to be too close to the surface.