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Wok? What is a Wok?


What is a wok at all?

by | Sep 14, 2021

The wok is the world’s most efficient frying pan, and the most efficient pan or pot overall. No other cooking utensil gives the cook more fun or a greater sense of exuberance. Let’s see what makes a wok a wok!

The Wok is old!

I mean not the ones we sell 😊 but the wok technology is 2000 years old. Probably the oldest cooking style! think of it, it survived because it has been worked well and served well the families during the years, decades, centuries and milleniums.

The wok has a lot of space!
The more room for you to toss and stir without inhibition. Its roominess is not meant to be filled. Think instead that it is a large salad bowl, with room to toss. This simple idea results in delicuous meals!

a men sit in from of a old wok shop

The wok is round!

The more to help quicken the turning of the ingredients for uniform mixing. Its hemispheric shape accelerates the speed of the ingredients as they race around the curves of the wok. Because of its shape, the heat is distributed in such a way that everything in the centre of the wok cooks very rapidly, so that everything retains its aroma and texture. Once cooked, food can be pushed to the edge of the wok, where it will not go cold but can be safely left until all the other ingredients have been cooked.

The wok is deep!

The more to maximize and control your use of oil. With less oil than it takes to coat a skillet, you can stir fry quickly; with much less oil than it takes to fill a deep fryer, you can deep fiy to a golden crispness The wok is also deep enough for braising.

The wok is high!

Used with its lid, the wok has sufficient space to allow steam to rise and gently cook foods. Wok-steaming is a wonderful alternative to the dry oven heating and reheating.

The wok is inexpensive!

Woks are inexpensive, easy to use and clean, and they last forever. They have to be the most versatile everyday cookware in existence. Woks may be new to many, but remember-millions of people have been using them every day for centuries.


Chefs using multiple woks in a commercial kitchen

Wok fits into the new cooking trends!

A wok fits into this new way of eating because it is the easiest, fastest, most fun way I know of to make delicious meals that will produce a lean, taut body. It simplifies your kitchen as you simplify your life around eating. Contrary to many people’s preconceptions, it uses little or no oil due to its naturally non-stick property.

The wok is multifunctional!

A wok is a pot and a pan, and that because of its unique shape, it can be used for practically anything. You’ll be able to stir-fry, deep-fry, braise, poach, sauté, roast, or steam virtually anything within the confines of your wok  – with just a little occasional help from your saucepan or skillet. You’ll discover the pleasure and ease of wok cooking, too, as you begin to toss your ingredients with creative abandon.


Not enough?

The wok is a brilliant compromise of a flat and a deep pan. Cooking in it is a joy and a wonder to learn, and it opens up the doors to the art of cooking. The wok can liberate you to all styles of food. Don’t limit yourself to Asian cuisine with the wok. The pleasure and ease which come with its use will start you on your way to the foods of other nationalities, maybe eventually to your own innovative cookery. And it cooks every ingredient under the sun. The wok leads you naturally and automatically toward cooking as a 60-minute gourmet-often in less than 60 minutes. It is a friend to help you create hearty and speedy meals in one pot, without sacrificing the opportunity to cook impressively or to entertain with gusto. Look at its soft but dynamic design and note how its features work for you.


Make your step forward, the world of wok is waiting for you!