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What is Mammafong and who are we?


Who is Mamma Fong?

My name is Daphne and I am on a mission to bring back the authentic flavours of Asian cuisine. By introducing Mammafong® – the new generation of classic cookwares. I am honouring my culinary heritage and teachers; my grandma and my mother – Mamma Fong.

My earliest childhood memories of Hong Kong are countless summer vacations spent at my grandma’s home. She was a genius cook and turned out an abundance of food for the entire family. I would watch with fascination as my grandma prepared these delicious meals with such ease and care.

I vividly recall the aroma of sweet and sour sauces simmering in the wok and the fragrance of five spice powder wafting through the kitchen. I was hungry as soon as I walked through the door!

In contrast, Mamma Fong who was working full-time was always looking for a way to get dinner ready quickly and easily. Her solution: A delicious stir-fry served over a bed of hot steaming rice. We loved it! It was simple, fast and nutritious. My mom skilfully tossed the wok with ginger & peanut oil. The carbon steel wok hummed and crackled, releasing a familiar gingery aroma. She’d then add my favourite Chinese sausage and bok choy. Voilà! Dinner was served in no time at all. My mom always said “A good carbon steel wok is all you need in the kitchen!”

Some 20 years later, I’ve relocated to Sydney, Australia. One thing hasn’t changed, my hand hammered wok is still an essential tool in my kitchen. It is well seasoned after many years of use. Its surface has turned to a beautiful black patina and has become naturally non-stick. I love my traditional wok but I found it increasingly difficult to find one in stores. That’s when the idea to start Mammafong® was conceived. I want to celebrate the classic wok, and mark its significant role in Chinese culinary history. As well as the evocative aromas and flavours of Asian cooking.

I now have a two-year old daughter of my own who also loves stir-fry just as much as I do. I created the Mammafong® wok, an authentic hand-hammered wok crafted from carbon steel to pass down to her. That way, she too can learn about Chinese cooking and be proudly connected to her heritage.

I hope you too can share my passion for creating authentic, traditional Asian cuisine at home with your own Mammafong® carbon steel wok.

Who are we,

We are childhood friends. We are mothers and fathers. We are entrepreneurs with decades of working experience and most importantly we are wok-lovers.

This story, as most of the big stories, started around the kitchen table over a – guess what – steaming, delicious food cooked in a WOK. We were talking about life, about the challenges we need to face when we are running our busy lives and our discussion reached eating as well. This complex question causes us headaches since we usually don’t have enough quality time to prepare diverse, healthy, easy-to-do food which kids would love as well. We all three agreed the WOK food is just a perfect solution for this, and we say it from first-hand experience. Cooking a lot there is something everybody learns regardless of what type of food you prepare: the tool you use is extremely important since it makes your life easy or miserable.

The wok is not a different animal either. Different types, and size wok, from different manufacturers were tested by us, but somehow, we could not find what we wanted. Then we found Mammafong, which is not just a brand, a manufacturer, but a story we could cope with deep inside. The woks and all the accessories seemed quality products, and the story which puts the family in the middle of the brand won our hearts and minds in a minute.

When we first saw that the product is not available in Europe, we started to think about how we can share our passion with others and that was the moment when we decided to get in touch with Mammafong and start to build up a relation. The rest is history as it is often said.

So, here we are, dear reader. We created this page and web shop, to bring you Mammafong and make it available here in Europe. We firmly believe that the food you will cook in your Mammafong will bring joy, warmth and cosiness to your family table. And we can’t just wish you more! Bon Appetit