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Wok Lid Cover 33 cm for 35cm Woks,


  • This wok lid is 33cm, it is designed to fit our 35,5 cm hand hammered wok.
  • Also suitable for use with other types of 35cm woks.
  • The traditional shape, the flat-top dome ensures optimal heat distribution, it seals in moisture to keep more flavour.
  • Ideal for steaming, braising and minimising splatter when deep-frying.
  • Durable, heavy gauge aluminium with a wooden handle that stays cool.
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Why would you need a wok lid?

1) A lid seals in moisture for flavorful results

The 33 cm wok lid works perfectly with any 35 cm wok. The cover keeps motisture inside, so you can use it for soups, braising or smoking pork ribs, or steaming dumplings or seafood.

2) Makes the wok an even more versatile tool

Although you can use your wok in many ways, addig a cover to your kit opens up even more possibilities. The flat-top dome shaped cover transforms your pan into a versatile, multi-use wok. You can use your wok for for steaming and braising, or you can reduce splatter when deep-frying. You can also keep your food worm until serving.

3) Designed especialy for woks

The flat-top lid ensures optimal heat distribution, and it is easy to grasp the large wooden handle.


4) Clean and care for your wok lid

We recommend to hand-wash your lid to clean. Avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads or harsh detergents as it can leave scratches on the surface of the lid. Stubborn food residue and stains can be removed with a nylon scrubbing pad.

Additional information

Weight 0.91 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 12 cm



aluminium with wooden handle