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Forged Brute 3-piece kitchen knives set


This is a hand forged quality knives set. The Brute knives have a unique eccentric appearance due to the hammered handle design. Despite the rough surface, the knives lie very well in the hand.
It is manufactured from 5Cr15MoV stainless steel, 58-60hrc hardness
Unique as a gift!

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The Brute

The Brute Forged series is the most outspoken series, it exudes pure craftsmanship.

What do you need to make a knife? Looking at this series, you just need a proper piece of good steel, high heat, and a committed blacksmith with a passion for the profession.

The Brute Forged knives have an open bolster, which provides an eccentric appearance. The blade and the handle are hammered after heating, after which the handle is folded. After forging, the blades of these knives are not polished. This keeps the forging visible and ensures the look that the Forged brand stands for. Because of this process, each knife is unique in finish and size. Standing out is guaranteed with the Brute series.



Product details:

  • Made from Japanese steel
  • Hardness of 58 Rockwell
  • The blade length of the chef’s knife is 20.5 cm (7.8″)
  • The blade length of the cleaver is 17.5 cm (6.8″)
  • The blade length of the utility knife is 12.5 cm (4.7″)
  • Blade thickness of 2 mm
  • Grinding angle of 18 degrees
  • Forged by hand
  • Packed in a luxury wooden box


About Forged

Out of an enormous love for cooking and dining, in 2014 the idea was born to create a distinctive, attractive, high-quality but above all affordable knife range. A knife range that besides its functionalities would also be an extension of your kitchen, outdoor kitchen or of the user himself. Knives with which you can show your love for cooking and dining.

After coming into contact with a small but passionate knife factory that besides their traditional way of working also shared the same vision, the idea of a new knife brand took shape. In this factory, with its small workshop and enthusiastic knife-makers, each knife is still for the most part produced by hand in a traditional way. The workshop radiates passion for the craft; the heat, the smell and the orange glow of the fire, the hissing sound when the metal is cooled, but especially the forging of the knives works inspiring. This passion and craftsmanship, which you don’t normally see in the end result of a knife, was at the heart of Forged’s characteristic look that we wanted to create. And our name also derives from this.


The production of a Forged knife takes a lot of time, energy and patience: the knives are forged, shaped, hardened, ground, polished, washed and carefully packed by hand. Because of the forged look that is literally created by the hammer of the maker, every knife has a unique appearance. No knife is the same. And the idea that after the sale of a Forged knife, the user ‘handcrafts’ it by using, sharpening and treating it, honours the Japanese steel and thus the Japanese term wabi-sabi. This Japanese term stands for the beauty of an object that acquires its own character through years and intensive use. Every Forged knife, wherever it is used in the world, becomes even more unique after it is sold.

How Forged Knives are made?


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