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Wok ring rack (for gas stoves)


Stainless steel wok ring rack for 35 cm woks (for gas stoves)

– enjoy the wok hei flavours in your round bottomed wok

– accessory for gas stoves burners

– for 35 cm size woks

– a handy tool for placing the wok on the table

– no sharp edges

– height: 3,5 cm, upper width: 21,5cm, bottom width: 24,8cm

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Wok ring rack (for gas stoves)

Wok ring rack is an essential accessory for using your wok on gas stoves. As gas stoves usually have dish racks for flat based pots and pans, you need a wok ring for a round bottomed wok. Simply place it on the dish rack and start using your wok. The innovative no-sharp edge design protects your wok’s surface from scratches.


- material: cold forged stainless steel

- colour: silver

- height: 3,5 cm

- upper width: 21,5cm

- bottom width: 24,8cm

- fit for 35 cm round bottom woks

- innovative design with no sharp edges

Hint 1: you can reach higher heat when using this wok ring rack upside down!

Hint 2: a perfect tool for serving the meal from the wok, simply put the ring on the table and put the wok on it!

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Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 24.8 × 24.8 × 3.2 cm